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Charlie Taker is looking forward to buying a hearse and joining us at our events

May and Bill Taylor definately win the award for longest distance member!! 

They're from Canberra Australia!

We have a recently aquired 1952 Plymouth Cranbrook right-hand-drive rear-loading hearse. 

9 foot glass windows along the side (no side access doors aside from the front 2). 

Side opening rear door. 

It was last used as a bush-bashing rally car (for a charity bash) in 1989. 

For the low, low price of $100 Aussie dollars (about $50 U.S dollars), 

it needs a fair bit of TLC (and donor parts from our other plymouth - hehe) 

to get it on the road again, but its a long awaited aquisition, so it will all be worth it.

Tony Taylor has 1971 Cadillac S&S Parkway that he is restoring also, 

he has a haunted house in his hometown of Carrolton GA which got him interested in hearses

Tetz Coach and Hearse Company build new and restores Horse-Drawn hearses
Visit their website:

John Theres, of Crest Hill, IL, has a 1977 Cadillac Miller-Meteor hearse 

that was winner of "Best of Show" at LasRyds 2003.

Charlie Tipton sold this '69 Miller-Meteor Combo, 

has an 88 Buick that he uses for his DJ business. 
He's looking for a side loader.


Pamela Tolley , of Westville FL, has wanted a hearse since she was 9 (she's 35 now).  

Everyone in her family thinks that she's wierd since she loves a beautiful shiny hearse - 

we feel for you, we've all been there!  

Maybe soon she can fulfill her dreams on owning one.

Joni Tosill, of Houston, TX, retired "Diabolique" in 2008 to a haunt in Kemah, TX 

and now owns "Angelique", a 1990 White Cadillac Brougham from Dallas.  

43,000 original miles and in showroom mint condition inside and out.  

Angelique takes up the marketing of her business that Diabolique started - 

Mordaunte's Coffin Gems and Jewelry -

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Lita Town has a '66 Cadillac Superior.

Chris Turnbull, of New Cumberland PA, has a 1980 Cadillac S&S Victoria.  

White with Black vinyl top, greenish interior. 

V8 bought directly from Winfield funeral home in Steelton PA.  

Not a 3-way.  I have a wood coffin in the back along with an inflatable skeleton.  

I have a fake knife with blood on the dashboard.

Cody Van Valkenburgh , of Germantown TN, is trying to find a nice hearse to buy.

Kevin Vandegrift , of Canton OH, was once the proud owner of 

a 1970 Cadillac Superior ambulance 

and he's now looking to re-new that joy. 

Mike Varvel , from Carbon IN, used to work in the funeral business 

and has always loved hearses.  

He now owns a 1985 Buick Eureka endloader that's 

white with a blue interior and a great looker and runner.

Charles C. Walker, of Forsyth GA, has a 1974 Miller-Meteor combo, 

a 1972 S&S hearse, and a 1966 Miller-Meteor combination.

Kenneth Walker, of Hickory NC, doesn't have a hearse yet, but is currently looking.

The brother of Mark Wall of Kildeer, IL  purchased a 1987 Lincoln Eagle with 33k. 

Caitlin Walsh from Brielle, NJ doesn't have a hearse yet but wants one....of Course!

Patrick Walston AKA "Hearse Freak", of Murphy NC, has Havoca, 

a 1983 Mercury Thacker First Call car.
Even though it is smaller than most hearses, 

it's a cool car and he's proud to say it's his first car.

George Waugh has this 1969 Cadillac Miller-Meteor manual 3-way 

that he got from WR Bennett Funeral Coaches in Lowell MI.  

It needs a lot of TLC, but it is roadworthy.

Mike Weeks , of Southgate MI, owns a 1970 Cadillac hearse that he bought for only $800.  

It's getting custom paint and a  new top to make a great running hearse his dream of 13 years.

Eric Weir of Michigan is also a member of 

The Great Lakes Roll 'n Dead Hearse And Hot Rod Club and Graveyard Haulerz.

He owns a 88 Chevy Nova Sedan
(Coach Company Mitsu Inc. of Japan)
He says the purpose of the vehicle is "Driving"

Chris Wenburg from Beaver City Nebraska owns this 1969 Cadillac S&S Victoria...

click on the picture to take you to other pictures of this coach.

John Werner of Chicago, IL doesn't have a hearse yet but he's looking!

Jeff and Kristy Westfall of Long Beach MS have 

a 1977 Buick Crown Superior endloader 

and a 1967 Cadillac S&S Victoria

John "Body Bagz" Westmoreland, of Statesville NC, 

is currently looking at a 1983 Cadillac hearse as soon as he finds the $$ dough $$.  

He's also taken on the task of adding to the LasRyds Clothing Collection with 

T-shirts, hats, bandanas, and letterman's jackets...give him an e-mail and he'll set you up.

Dave and Carol Williams , of Indianapolis, IN shares their lives along with 

a 1959 Superior Landauette rear-loader that just might 

qualify for the ugliest hearse in the PCS.
 This vehicle really stretches the limits of the term 'restorable', 

but they're trying to bring it back from the dead, so to speak...

besides, the price was right.

Jim "Blackwolf" and his wife Lynn "Chipmunk" Williams, of Clarksville, TN,  have 

a 1972 Cadillac Superior Traditional endloader that is their project show car.  

Not quite roadworthy, but on it's way.  

Can anyone help out with passenger side door glass?

Kristen Gupton-William engine running. Please pay no mind to the Caddy hubs, 

of Arroyo Grande CA, has "Matillda" a 1973 Superior Limo-Style Pontiac Grandville. 

As you can see in the picture she is currently under restoration 

(I bought her from a junkyard in June) and just got her top repainted 

and her caps someone put on her in the past as they have gone, 

replaced by appropriate Pontiac spoked hubs and she now has white walls on.

Michael Williams is a High School Mathematics teacher that uses 

"Penelope" his 1988 Cadillac Eureka Concours Hearse 

as a different way to pass the word to "STOP DWI"

Jessica Willis, of Norman OK, does not have a hearse....yet.  

Would like to converse with other hearse owners.

David Winder of Rawlins WY is in the process of restoring a 1947 Packard...

he's looking for window parts.

William Thomas Anthony Winfield of Cayce SC has a '71 Cadillac M&M Landau Traditional 

with 76,000 miles, 472 V-8, Black Crinkle top over Blue/Silver paint.

Rob Wise of Flint, MI owns a 1985 Fleetwood Cadillac. 

It is white and blue on the interior. it is made by the S&S company.

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Alan Wohl of Peoria, IL owns a gray 1986 Cadillac S&S Victoria coach 

that he purchased on E-bay in early March 2006.  

It has the power table in tact and fully operational.  

He used this coach to transport his brother-in-law Ed 

to his final resting place shortly after he picked it up.

It is known as LAST RIDE.

He chose this name prior to hauling his brother-in-law to his final resting place in it.

He was a Harley rider most of his life.


Alan'scoach.jpg (39566 bytes)    DSCF0042.JPG (340086 bytes)

William "Doc" Woolley, of Mishawaka IN, is currently looking for 

a complete 1958-1970 Cadillac S&S hearse to restore.


UPDATE!  He finally found one!  Now he's looking for restoration information.

Jesse Lee Wooton has this 1972 Miller-Meteor

Doug Worsley, of Edmonton Alberta Canada, is looking for a '78-'83 Cadillac hearse.

Mike Worthington , of Radcliff KY, is founding a local hearse club Morbid  

He owns and is planning on restoring a 1966 Cadillac Miller-Meteor 

and a 1977 Cadillac Superior, and now a 1986 Cadillac S&S Victoria.

Tom Wydo of Heath, OH is the proud owner of a 

1988 Lincoln Eagle, a 1989 Cadillac Miller-Meteor 

AND a 1975 S&S Victoria Cadillac

Kim Yates, of Baltimore MD, owns a 1968 Black Cadillac Crown Superior hearse 

that was completely restored in 2000 that's used as part of Kim's Krypt Haunted Attraction


Dale Yocom owns "My Baby" a 1962 Cadillac M&M 12 window Limousine Style 

Erin Young, of Ludlow MA, doesn't have a hearse yet.

Robert "Doc Red" Young, of Columbus OH, has a '70 Caddy Miller Meteor 

and a '73 Caddy Superior hearse.  

The '70 sat in a field for 5 years.  

Hopefully, in the next few months 

he can get busy and get the bodywork done.

Ryan Zachrich , of Napoleon OH, is a fellow funeral director and auto enthusiast.  

He doesn't own a hearse, but he does have a 1955 Packard 

that'll have to do until he gets a hearse.

Scott Zweig "The Cryptkeeper" for The Midwest Hearse Society owns this 

1972 Pontiac Bonneville Endloader

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